National Accreditation

All participants will get an internationally recognized certificate of participation upon successful completion of a course. The certificate is issued jointly by the maxx-solar academy and the German Solar Energy Society DGS with CPD validation by SAIEE as per ECSA policy and SAPVIA accreditation.

Furthermore the participants of the professional courses can sign in for an online exam to become certified “DGS Solar Power Designer” or “DGS Solar Power Technician”.

There is no exam for Sunrise Intermediate course participants.

International accreditation by the German Solar Energy Society

Our courses are accredited by DGS Germany and are internationally recognized. DGS is short for German Solar Energy Society. It is the oldest consumer protection association in Germany, founded in 1975. The DGS has many active members who work on bringing the PV industry forward -in Germany as well as worldwide.The main focus of the DGS is education. The DGS has long term experience in renewable energy training worldwide. Since 1996 DGS operates the further education programme DGS SolarSchool. With the maxx-solar academy the DGS established a DGS Solarschool branch in South Africa.

To the German DGS website or subscribe for the German DGS weekly news (German language).

SAPVIA endorsed Training Provider

The maxx I solar academy is a SAPVIA endorsed training provider. Our SuperSolarSchool is in line with the SAPVIA 5-Day Solar PV Installer Course.

SAPVIA PV Installer Assessment Center

The maxx | solar academy Johannesburg operates one of the two SAPVIA PV Installer Assessment Centers in South Africa.

Graduates from the PV Installer Assessment will:

  • SAPVIA developed reference training material for a 5 day Solar PV Installer Course in accordance with the exit outcomes of the curriculum specific to the Solar PV Installer Part Qualification of the Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician, Curriculum Code 313109001, NQF Level 5.The Solar PV Service Technician qualification is an occupational qualification containing 4 modules, or part qualifications:
    • Solar PV System Mounter
    • Solar PV Installer
    • Solar PV Farm Technician
    • Solar PV Stand-Alone Service Technician

    Presently SAPVIA, Greencape and the maxx | solar academy work on the accreditation of the 5-Day Solar PV Installer Course under the Curriculum Code 313109001 with MerSETA. The objective is to enable succsessful participants of the PV Installer Assessment / 5-day Solar PV Installer Course to apply for the Solar PV Installer Part Qualification under the QCTO Solar PV service technician.

    The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is the custodian and regulatory body for occupational qualifications.

The Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course and the Solar Power Designer back-up course were awarded by the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers with CPD credits.

SuperSolarSchool: 4.5 CPD Points for the included Sunrise Intermediate Course (CPD validation SAIEE-2050-V)

Sunrise Intermediate Course2 CPD Points (CPD validation SAIEE-1671-V)

Solar Power Designer back-up Course3 CPD points (CPD validation SAIEE-1672-V)