Dynamic simulation pv programmes with or without 3D visualisation and detailed shading analysis of photovoltaic systems, with storage systems.

GREEN Solar Academy PTY Ltd. went into a strategic partnership with Valentin Software. Starting from 2018,  GREEN (before as maxx) is the official agent for Valentin’s PV*SOL and PV*SOL Premium software for South Africa.

And we are especially happy to offer our GREEN Alumni a 20 % discount on all Valentin products.

Why Valentin

The solar design company Valentin Software can look back on over 25 years of successful company history. With its brands PV*SOL®, T*SOL® and GeoT*SOL® for the dynamic simulation, design, yield calculation and financial prognosis of photovoltaic, solar thermal and heatpump systems, Valentin Software has become the worldwide leading provider in innovative planning software for sustainable energy supply. The maxx team is using Valentin’s PV*SOL Premium for designs and trainings and we looked for a solution to bring the software to South Africa and facilitate local purchase.

Professional PV Software has its value, but maxx made a bench mark and we identified Valentin Software as the software with the best value for money. You buy the license only once and then you can use it forever. Additionally, you need to buy every 12 month the software maintenance package to get always the latest updates and upgrades. And this package costs only 18% of the license price.

With PV Sol*Premium you can design a PV system in 15-30 minutes. Based on the design you can prepare you quote and you can attach the comprehensive PV*SOL report to your quote. The report includes all relevant information for you client and he even can see how the PV system will look like, what will be the annual electricity production, how shadow will influence the performance and much more.

Actual preview from PV*Sol 3D planning mode.


The GREEN Solar Academy offers the

Valentin Design School – PV*Sol Premium

In the 1-day training participants learn how to do 3D system sizing with PV*Sol Premium. The training is a combination of demonstration and basic build-up of the programme but the main focus is on hands-on exercises. All participants receive a 4 week test license and will size a complete system. Maximum learing effect in just one day through well planned exercises!


PV*SOL Premium 2018, single license incl. software maintenance for 6 months

Dynamic simulation program for the design and calculation of photovoltaic systems inclusive 3D visualization and detailed shade analysis of photovoltaic systems with storage systems

GREEN alumni price: R 16.576,00* excl. VAT

list price: R 20.720,00* excl. VAT List price


PV*SOL 2018, single license incl. software maintenance for 6 months

Dynamic simulation program for the design and optimization of photovoltaic systems with storage systems

GREEN alumni price: R 11.456,00* excl. VAT

list price: R 14.320,000* excl. VAT List price

Software Maintenance extension after 6 month – annual fee

PV*SOL® premium

GREEN alumni price: R 2.983,68* excl. VAT

list price:  R 3.729,60* excl. VAT List price


GREEN alumni price:  R 2.062,08* excl. VAT

list price:   R 2.577,60* excl. VAT List price

*We update the prices on a monthly basis to adjust them to the Rand value.

Please download the the order form with the complete offer list here: Valentin_Order_Form_18-05

Please contact: academy@maxx-solar.co.za for any further information.

Be professional – Use PV*SOL Premium.

Software Downloads are available on the Valentin page.